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Better BE

Better Be U: Entrepreneur Crash Course: 7 Powerful Lessons to Survive and Thrive. Kindle Edition

Welcome to Better Be U, where there are no entrance requirements, no concerns regarding class size or campus. Better Be U is a preparatory school for life. A university of hard knocks where the school colors are black and blue. A place that you can obtain a Master’s Degree in verve and nerve. A crash course study of seven powerful lessons as a catalyst and stimulus to action, learning how to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones, setbacks into comebacks and how to go from burnout to breakout. Better Be U is not a curriculum of study you have to go outside to attend. It is a course of study that demands that you go inside, to be a better you, discovering the strength and talent you have to be the person you truly want to be. Need to be, in whatever field you choose.

Pro-Tip: Humorous nightlife observations on Miami, America’s closest neighbor. Kindle Edition

“Pro-Tip: Buy this book…Because.”-Shaun Gold, author of Amazon best seller Promoter Mind, Hustler Heart.

Are you tired of the same old and boring humor? Do you wish you could read something and actually laugh (not LMFO or LIMBO or whatever the must use net-lingo is). Is your cerebellum craving highbrow amusement? Then congratulations, you qualify for Pro-Tip!

Hitter (305 NOIR) Kindle Edition

The 305: America’s pleasure dome. Known for its frenetic façade of trendy restaurants, chic nightlife, and sun-drenched luxury lifestyle, it’s a beautiful Babylon; a fast lane fueled by corruption, gangsters and drugs. It’s all there—this much wider world, hidden from prying eyes…unless you know just where to look.

Hitter is a professional hitman within the seedy metropolitan area of the 305. When he hits someone, they don’t get back up. But when his latest job forces him into a suicide mission, Hitter begins to question not only his path in life, but whether a thirst for financial gain and his piece of the American Dream is worth the price. Worlds will collide, crimes and cons will intersect, as the atmospheric ladder of wealth, luxury and power, is sometimes a perilous and fatal climb.

Amazon #1 Best-Seller

Promoter Mind, Hustler Heart: Empowering Yourself for Success in the Social Media Age Kindle Editio

In Promoter Mind, Hustler Heart marketing guru and nightlife ninja Shaun Gold unleashes an inspiring manifesto of empowerment to accompany the now of a social media age. Gold’s enlightenment and uncommon wisdom will teach readers how embracing opportunity and turning it into a plan for action can result in work and a life that matters. Based on proven principles, and drawn from years of working in the competitive and aggressive industry of Miami nightlife, Promoter Mind, Hustler Heart is the perfect companion for those with an urgent desire to do better and to be better in any field.

Within this inspiring 35,000 word mind guide you will learn:
– How to see a difference that can make the difference in living and leading.
– How to recognize your brilliance and pursue your passion.
– How to dance with your fears and banish the stigma of failure.
– How to turn social media into social engagement to deliver you from start to finish.
– How to convert your network of friends, associates and peers into building blocks for success.