Fitting in is a stay in your lane strategy. Standing out is a passing lane strategy. You must be willing to move at the speed of opportunity or risk having opportunity pass you by.

It is that simple, everything else is folklore.

You have the ambition and talent, and yet, you’re not where you want to be. You must turn surviving into thriving by positioning your passion, new idea and unique talents to hack the awesomeness within.


You must follow the code.

Gold’s Code.

Learn what I teach from my many lectures.


Discover your intuitive and creative- your true north for greater growth and personal success. Make an impact that has meaning and is meaningful to you and others. No longer will you wait or wish for things to happen, you will learn how to go out and happen to things.

With that understanding, you will realize that NOTHING can stop you and that ANYTHING is possible.

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Follow the code.

Gold’s Code.