“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.”-Michael Jordan

Failure is a part of everyday life. In fact, it is so common that it would seem silly that so many people fear it. The concept of failure itself is so horrifying to some that many do not even make an attempt at being successful. Some are so afraid of failing and losing that they won’t RISK winning. This is a SUCKER line of thinking. The hustler knows that failure is just the other side of the coin of success.

How do you plan to grow and become successful without difficulty and eventually, decline? How do you plan to learn if you can’t stomach the idea of failing? Let me illustrate how I learned important lessons from one of my greatest and most soul crushing failures.

This is the party known as Ghost Ship. A Halloween party cruise whose concept was so solid that it could print money. Just look at that amazing flyer and try not to get excited.


Actually it isn’t as cool as I remember.

I sold tickets with a sizeable and profitable margin to what I thought would be the greatest party in history. Hundreds of people showed up, all in costume. Do you want to make an educated guess on how that turned out?


Just kidding, more people survived the Titanic.

I was told the weather would be nice and the seas calm, they weren’t. In fact, I distinctly recall many people holding on to the ship as it bounced between crashing waves. I was told that people would get free drinks while in the casino, they didn’t. I was told the DJ was one of the best, he wasn’t. Needless to say, refunds were given and our expenses came out of my own pocket. My profit was in the high negatives. Even worse, what little reputation I had at that point had been ruined by one single, catastrophic event. Suddenly, months of networking and hard work had been erased by one terrible night. I felt demoralized and defeated.


This seemed like the best course of action at the time.

I could have quit, I could have kept a low profile. I quite possibly could have even transferred schools to someplace far away like Alaska. But I didn’t. I got back up to my feet and continued on. I didn’t want to lose, I didn’t want to quit, I wanted to learn and I wanted to do what was in my heart. That was over a decade ago. In hindsight, it seems so silly now. What was tragic then is now comical to me. Imagine my world if I would have given up because of one failure. Imagine your world if you gave up because you failed at something. I look at all of my accomplishments since then, everything in my life would have been erased had I allowed one single failure control me. If I can move past this, you can move past your failures and learn to laugh at them many years down the line.

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I survived its sinking of the ship, my epic failure, and have a much more suitable mode of transportation now.

I learned from the Ghost Ship. First and foremost, never do a party on a boat. Secondly, I had to be on top of every aspect and contingency of all my enterprises. I had to know the weather, the traffic conditions, and other events taking place as well as the general vibe and energy of my clientele. But most importantly, I learned to never give up or give in. No matter how catastrophic, no matter how debilitating the failure, I would always get back up. If Ghost Ship was successful, perhaps I wouldn’t have learned such priceless lessons, lessons that continue to guide my hustle and bring me success week in and week out.

“Everyone fails at one point or another, but failure is sometimes a requirement for us to analyze what went wrong and how we can avoid similar missteps in the future. My failures resulted from grand ambitions coupled with poor execution. No longer would I put on my own events, I would have to learn as much as I could from those more experienced than myself, and when I was ready, return to creating my own parties, more prepared and better educated.”-Shaun Gold. Promoter Mind, Hustler Heart.

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